CoreData makes customer’s systems and business processes work better.

Using its AI-CORE™ robotic process automation (RPA) configurable software bots, CoreData can quickly and cost-effectively automate many business and operational processes.


CoreData automates our clients’ work. CoreData can quickly and cost-effectively transform our customers’ business and operational processes by configuring our AI-CORE™ robotic process automation (RPA) software bots to automate tasks and integrate systems.

Typical results see an increase in productivity of more than 100% with a ROI in less than 6 months – freeing our customers from routine, repetitive ‘robotic’ tasks to focus on more enjoyable, higher value work.


Our customers include a list of leading national and international energy companies, major health care providers and other large enterprises. CoreData, also, works with some of Alberta’s emerging technical software and industrial IoT companies.

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For 20 years CoreData has delivered RPA and AI solutions
for clients in Calgary, Alberta and across North America.

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