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About CoreData Timesheet

Time Management Software. Designed for reducing account load, and reducing time invoicing.
Full analysis by project, personnel, or code.

Key Benefits

  • Secure
  • Available on the internet
  • Accounting reduction, no data entry, exported/imported data
  • Extensible to portable computers, PDA's
  • Invoice generation

Designed for the hourly employee or contractor, that must submit timesheets on a regular basis.

Designed for engineers, accountants, lawyers, and professionals, who benefit by being able to track chargeable time. Key to this is time that would normally be lost, such as short 10 minute phone calls, or quick consultations for current clients.

Fully customizable solution for the contractors and consultants. A key custom capability is delivery of the timesheet data straight from your employees to your payroll and accounting system, with no data entry clerks in the middle!

Since each employee or contractor submit man-hour and their expenses directly to their TimeSheet Web service.

TimeSheet generate this information and create invoices. Additionally, the new program allow them store more information which related with each client, so it helps to get the next purchase order.

TimeSheet Web service is designed for the hourly employee or contractor that must submit timesheets on a regular basis. It’s designed for engineers, accountants, lawyers, and professionals, who benefit by being able to track chargeable time.

Timesheet Overheads Solved!


By having your employees and contractors submitting timesheet electronically, you no longer need to spend your personal time sorting, reviewing, correcting and generating billings reports.

CoreData offers you an Internet based timesheet solution.

How Does It Work?

The employee is given a web address to login and type his timesheet. He presses the “Submit” button when he done.

The manager for the employee electronically approves or modifies the timesheet.

When invoicing time rolls along, the manager prints the billings report and the job is complete!

What Does It Look Like?


Using a very well organized project code structure, the employee enters the timesheet charges. Note that project management, or management by a specific area or by a contract package is just a push of a report button away.


Timesheet User Management Solved

Chasing down faxes and emails, documents and spreadsheets, all to make sure that your employees and contractors have submitted their timesheets to you.

Not only is it frustrating, it uses up your valuable time.

Would it not make more sense to have everyone submit timesheets electronically? Then the manager would know in real-time who had submitted a timesheet, what hours were charged, and approve them right at his computer

CoreData offers you an Internet based timesheet solution.

Management By Charge Codes

The key is in the charge codes.

By setting up a charge code set for each project, your employees/contractors will be able to log onto the web, and use pre-configured charge codes. This saves you time and the effort of chasing down people and consolidating the information flow.


CoreData has the engineering and development experience to fine-tune your charge codes with you.

Larger scale operations with existing charge code structures can be imported into the online timesheet system.

When the manager needs to adjust their charge codes, they simply configure them on a web management page.

Selecting Reports

Generate your billing report; track current man-hours charged to each project. It’s easy to select exactly what you need.

Determine the costs for each area. Or let your client know which contract package has been fulfilled.

Report by billing period, or by a multitude of performance factors. It really puts you in control.

The data can be viewed on screen, printed out, or even exported into your spreadsheet or accounting package.

What does the reporting sheet look like? - Click here to see a sample!


Remote Access

When working in the field, your employees and contractors will often lose access to home office computers and network systems. They also lose immediate availability and are no longer able to ask your support staff for help, or able to get quick answers from a manager.

CoreData’s online timesheet solution allows employees working at a remote location quick access to corporate wide, up to date timesheet charge codes. The results are immediately available to the managers, and if needed, corrections can be made immediately.

Take advantage of the Internet and let your employees access your system in any province, state or country.



A quick look at the work steps reveals that the employee portion of the work is reduced by 1/3. Additional gains are from the accuracy of the time sheet charge codes.

On the data management side, work is reduced substantially. The automated system takes care of the data handling with minimal steps. The manual time entry system has an associated cost for each employee. A quick tabulation shows the data entry hours for a number of employees on the manual system.