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Database application that stores templates and generates facilities


A standardized engineered well site, water transfer station, compressor station, or other sites.

As Regulatory and company efficiency is drives standardization, this is a perfect fit.


A rapid deployment of a well, etc. Automated are:



Logic configuration in RTU/PLC

Connection to Custody/Production Allocation

Connection to Corporate Historian

Cost savings for the development time (say 100hr, approx $10,000) per well

10 wells, $100,000

100 wells, $1,000,000 savings in well cost


Central Database is in place.

Customizations to suite Operating Company: Usually 4 weeks

Add on of a model of RTU or PLC: 3 weeks each model

Add on of each historian (eg: PI, or JDE, SAP): 3 weeks

Add on to a HMI: 4 weeks.

(This allows a template to be formed, and used repeatedly on wells, etc.)

 Requires that the PLC code is written and standardized

Typically will mean that a standard is implemented. This work already exists per well,  this system utilizes the existing work, and allows re-use of the work. (for nearly free!)

This work already exists, and is not included in the cost basis stated here.

 Basic Cost

This is an engineered solution, and will cost approximately $100,000 to implement.

This is a one time cost, with a small amount of maintenance and support required.

This does not include the EPC costs, such as well design.