CoreData's division of IT Support Professionals can help you!

CoreData has the breadth of skills to do Interface Systems:

1.  Multi language, multi platform support:  C#, VB, PHP, JavaScript, Java
2.  Database and formats:  MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, DBF, CSV, XLS, XML
3.  Operating systems:  Windows, Linux
4.  Formal Training:  All staff has formal training.  Most have masters in computers science, or bachelors in engineering
5.  Industries:  SCADA systems, enterprise interfaces, financial systems; in Oil and Gas, Engineering, Safety, and site Operations and Maintenance.
6.  Experience:  Leaders with more than 20 years each in industry, typical staff with 5 years relevant experience.

The requirements for a successful Interface programmer is the ability to handle a variety of environments.  Specifically the environment of the source data, including programming language and database; and the destination system.  Formal training in algorithms and experience is the only way to ensure success.

CoreData is looking forward to showing our clients our capabilities for handling even the most challenging interfaces.  Give us a call at (403) 228-1031, we would be glad to sit down and shape out the technical architecture and requirements with you.  No obligations, we believe our capabilities speak for themselves.