CoreData's division of IT Support Professionals can help you!

CoreData Develops EPC Apps
CoreData Develops Custom EPC Apps to Solve Day to Day Problems

  • Managed Lists (Equipment, Line List, Documents, Vendor Requirements)
  • Web Applications  (Presenting standards to the employees, Displaying current status of projects, Collecting data by forms on the Web)
  • Bridging Databases (Automatically moving data between project management databases, Project document controls, Deliverables status, Procurement status, Discipline apps)

We have found the EPC environment, professionals and administrators move A LOT of data around. It is clear that they would be happier, and far more efficient, if these mundane, repetitive tasks are automated.

CoreData performs very well in this niche.

We have the background to understand the nature of the business. Our engineering background supports the capabilities.

We work normally in the mode of a small project/support team. Typically, we engage at the project level, explaining to the Owner Operator the benefits that a small application (web, on pc, on mobile devices) can bring. The result is that we work manhours that can be billed to the project.

Things become:

  • More reliable, data is automatically transferred
  • Less tedious, data entry work is reduced, often to important authorization and validation work only
  • More efficient, manhours are saved and creative people can do more useful things
  • Accessible, distribution of information on local intranet web sites, user inputs by automated forms.