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CoreData offers the advanced CoreData Watchdog™ software to customers with high reliability requirements.  The CoreData Watchdog™ is a result of CoreData bringing control systems engineering to clients who have advanced business operations. 

With critical servers running through offices of branches and operations, a high reliability design is required.  But, typically, business operations reacts on hardware failure, fixing hardware, changing parameters and rebooting as needed.. and does this manually.

However, automation and control systems engineers in industrial plants, use watchdog processes.  A watchdog can passively or actively monitor critical computer systems.  Then it can take care of issues, automatically, when they occur.

An example of a passive system:  A computer server can be monitored for failure.  On a time interval basis, the CoreData Watchdog™simply sends a "ping" and if it does not receive a response ("pong"), it barks!  The bark alarm is set up in a historical log, sent by email or sms, and thus triggers service personnel to fix.  Barking is typical of the CoreData Watchdog™response whenever a user needs to be notified.

An example of an active system:  The CoreData Watchdog™ monitors the process threads on an application web server.  When the process thread fails to respond, the CoreData Watchdog™ initiates a process restart.  This sort of solution is excellent for web users who create hung sessions or web applications that have memory leaks.

Another key capability being used is to watch database systems.  When the CoreData Watchdog™ scans through MS-SQL and Oracle databases, failed datbase connectivity in excess of a specfied time (for example configured for 30 tries in 30 minutes), will trigger an automatic restart of the database service.  In fact, CoreData Watchdog™ is capable of restarting the server itself!  Which is really useful for some Microsoft environments that need weekly restarts.

CoreData now provides the new CoreData Watchdog™ offering.  The implementation can be placed on a clients computer, or can be added as a supplement addition to our Client IT Management Services.

Cost for The CoreData Watchdog™ is based on a monthly fee, on a per equipment usage basis, resulting in a low cost, risk free subscription.  Equipment monitoring addition or equipment removal is a simple adjustment, and all upgrades are included at no additional cost.

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