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AI-CORE – Applied Artificial Intelligence in Industry

CoreData Incorporated is creating an automated engineering platform with an Artificial Intelligence engine, the AI-CORE Project, to drive the next generation in project management and engineering.  Because the core engine is based on reliability, reusability, modularity and fundamental goals, AI-CORE provides a platform for an emerging expert sector in Alberta.

Knowledge bases, a collection of rules and programmed capabilities, form the basis of all next generation computer automation.  The initial application of AI-CORE is in the oil and gas industry, allows Alberta to build a world class lead in knowledge bases for itself.

CoreData builds systems to automatically deploy wellsites, to automatically select highly engineered and cost efficient solutions, to automatically schedule a construction project, to automatically calculate financial costs; at accuracy basis strong enough for professional engineers, construction, and the financial sector.  Goals sought worldwide.

Financial assistance from the federal government of Canada, NRC IRAP, for 2010 allowed us to complete a 4000 manhour effort resulting in a prototype capable of connecting to live platforms.  Capabilities include a rules based engine to scale and prioritize AI findings from large scale environments (concurrent projects, concurrent multi-user, live database, queued processing, and scalable to multiple servers).

Successful use of the project protoype are implemented as an project problem detection engine for CoreProject (Beta), as well as the basis for CoreData's current Alberta Health Ambulance Data AutoUpdater project.

CoreData is currently seeking industry partners that can take advantage of AI-CORE in advancing their businesses.  Please contact Victor Lee at (403) 228-1031 to explore making possibilities into realities.