CoreData's division of IT Support Professionals can help you!

Raise your credibility at this tough juncture in time.

Projects, major and small, have been failing to meet expectations for years. In our current market, those who don’t perform to deliver deliverables, and at costs on budget, will no longer be welcome.

How do you ensure you won’t be left behind?

How about simple Project Management?

  • A deliverables list
  • Assigned personnel to deliverables and tasks
  • Progress by the personnel, directly
  • Live summary progress reports
  • Live productivity reports (spot the trouble, extreme credibility)

To do this you can hire PMI trained people, or you can use the CoreProject online project system by CoreData Incorporate.

Projects That Can...

Show your customer that you have the system to

  • Report that your project is on budget
  • Report that your project has track!

Then Do It!

  • Easy to say, very hard to do
  • You can if you have the proper tools to make it happen. Track your deliverables, live, real-time, ready for your client to see.

Here's How It Works:

  • Create a project list of deliverables. From scratch, from a prebuilt template, or a copy from your previous projects.
  • Assign deliverables to your staff.
  • Your staff enters weekly timesheets, and progress the deliverables.
  • Generate the invoice information – automatically ready to you send, with full timesheet details! To prevent any delays and hold ups by the clients’ accountants.
  • Generates the Project Reports: Project Progress, Project Productivity, Project Trouble Spots and more. To HTML, PDF or MS-Excel format. For you to edit, or for you to distribute automatically to your clients!
  • Generate Change Orders – immediately as the need unfolds! Change Orders become Budget Updates and Proactive Presence (instead of broken budgets)

Projects That Can...