CoreData's division of IT Support Professionals can help you!

Our company was formed by a group of professional engineers and professional computer programmers in 1992, and re-structured as CoreData in 2000. The members of our board of directors have worked on projects for all the major oil and gas companies, as well as a large number of engineering consulting firms in Alberta.


  • Professinal Services
  • Programming
  • Databases
  • Design Methodology
  • Experienced
  • Computing & Languages


CoreData provides professional work in the area of small projects. Our skill set is in software development and engineering for the industrial sector. Our people tend to have degrees in the computer sciences allowing a more comprehensive understanding of computer needs in a project. CoreData can add the punch into your project and drive it home on a tight schedule and on a tight budget.

You can tap into our depth of experience and achieve those tough milestones.

  1.  Accelerate your project - by identifying parcels that can be done by extra help.
  2.  Meet tight schedules - by finding the experts that can pull through the tight sports.
  3.  Build team capability without up-staffing-by finding a project firm that you can trust.


 CoreData has a great deal of experience in designing and implementing specialized business applications.  This experience includes object-oriented technology, client server models and traditional legacy systems.

  1. Business application modeling, Requirements analysis & functional definition.
  2. Existing application enhancements; porting, migration augmentation and customization.
  3.  Brining software engineering and design expertise to your hands.


Full range of database abilities, from Business Concepts, Functional Requirements, Data Architecture, through to the code interfacing. Database programming & conversion MS-Access, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, FoxPro, RDBMS.


CoreData follows a systematic step-by-step methodology for all our software development.

Our focus is on a cleanly defined execution plan, tight scope & task management, with regular reporting on progress.

We look forward to tightly defining and executing the development project to ensure the best deliverables.


The majority of our programmers have multiple degrees in computer sciences and electrical engineering. Our core staff has been in the industry through many successful projects, in many diverse applications.

  • Oil & Gas industrial computers.
  • Project Deliverables and EVM Management Systems.
  • Timesheet System.
  • Safety Integrity Engineering Software.
  • Engineering Cost Management.
  • Engineering Project Control.
  • Process controls and interfacing.


Professional service and support, secondment, project executions, available at very reasonable rates. Give us a call, and we will gladly drop by to help evaluate how CoreData capabilities will help you.

CoreData is based on the principle that customers receiving great results at a fair price create an ongoing trusted working relationship. Our success in this model is shown by the fact that our key customers have been with us for 10 years! We would be glad to provide references to prove our value equation.


CoreData has a full range of programming language, application, operating system and database skills.

  • C, C++
  • C#, VB, ASPX -Visual Studio .NET
  • Visual Basic, VBA for Access, Excel, Word, FoxPro
  • Legacy environments such as dBase, BASIC, FORTRAN, Pascal
  • MS-SQL, Oracle
  • PLC and DCS interfacing
  • JavaScript
  • Windows Server 200, 2003, 2008
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • IIS, Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps